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Everyone go home, stop making music, stop whatever you’re doing.
This guy wins

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People, looking for the great escape / Looking to the greener side / Trying to find a better way / Slow down; open up your big brown eyes / Feel the rhythm in your heart / You don’t even need to try

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“Alarm goes off at seven and you start up town.
You put in your eight hours for the powers that have always been.
Till it’s five PM.
Downtown, where the guys are drips.
Downtown, where they rip your slips.
Downtown, where relationships are no go.”

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This guy plays the tune of Jason Mraz - “I’m Yours” using two Nokia Phones

> Some guy in Mongolia is like “Who the **** keeps calling me!??”

> I think this guy has found his


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> How do people play two different rhythms on two different hands with one brain? I can’t even comprehend. Maybe I’m stupid. :(

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Sorry about not being on here recently, I have been super busy but I am going to try and get back into posting at least one thing a day


Fall Out Boy: Grand Theft Autumn / Where Is Your Boy

We thought we’d end our day the same way it started - with a tribute to the 10th birthday of Fall Out Boy’s debut album, Take This To Your Grave. This album was a huge turning point in the history of Fueled By Ramen and the introduction of Fall Out Boy to music fans around the world.

I remember driving around Gainesville, Florida with Punchline and Fall Out Boy listening to the master of the album for the first time. It felt like the start of something big but I don’t think any of us knew just how big the band and their music would become.

Now 10 years since the album’s release, our friends at Property Of Zack have posted a great article on the impact and legacy of Take This To Your Grave - read it HERE.

“It’s timeless. And much like the music, the themes of the album - heartbreak, nostalgia, and youthful optimism - never go out of style.”

Happy birthday Take This To Your Grave from all of us here at Fueled By Ramen!